Buckeye will fix any brand of spa!
We service all of Ohio and all the surrounding states!

If you are in need of a service call, either call our office, and a live person will get all of your information.
Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you ASAP.


    Do you want your spa cleaned?


    Spa not heating:

    Spa heating isn't my issueIt does not heat

    1. Is it not heating at all or not heating high enough?
    n/aNot heating at allNot heating enough
    2. Either way, does it run continuous and never shut off, or does it kick on and off like it should?
    n/aIt runs constantlyIt turns on/off as it should
    3. Could your spa be air locked?
    n/aYesNoNot Sure
    4. Do you have 3 dots flashing, 3 dots solid, “FLO”, or “FLC”? If so, which one?
    5. Do you have a circulation motor? If so, is it running?
    n/aYesNoNot Sure

    The GFCI breaker is tripping?:


    1. Does it trip the second you turn it on, or does it take awhile?
    As soon as I turn it onIt takes awhile before it tripsIt does not trip
    2. If it takes awhile, then how long?

    3. Does it trip when a specific part starts to work? (ex. the heater kicks on, ozone kicks on, a motor kicks on)
    If Yes, when:
    5. Was the spa just wired up (new spa)? If so, it may be wired wrong; make sure that the neutral is not connected to a ground.
    I checked and the wiring is correctI do not know how to check

    Spa is leaking:


    1.How much water are you losing per hour / day / week? (depends on how fast of a leak you have)

    2.Can you see where it is coming from?
    3.Is it coming from the front (equipment side)? Maybe from the motor?
    n/aEquipmentMotorNot sure
    4.Which side is it coming from when standing at the controls? Are the controls over the equipment? (For example, the LA Spas HEET doesn’t have the topside control over the equipment area. Some Viking Spas are like that too.)
    It is coming from this side:

    Motor isn’t working:

    Yes, motor is workingNo, motor is not working

    1. Does it hum for a few seconds and then shut off?
    2. Does it make a loud grinding noise?
    3. Could it be air locked? Did you just refill it?
    n/aYes it could be air lockedI did just refill itI have not refilled it

    When all technicians are in the field, calls will be returned the next regular business day in the order
    they were received.

    Service Department hours are Monday - Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

    Weekend, after hours, and holiday service is available for additional fees. Call for details.

    If a visit is necessary, please be prepared to provide us with access to any and all sides of the spa,
    depending on the problem.